I can’t borrow even a rupee from my brother: Prez

Rejecting allegations that he favours his brother, President Maithripala Sirisena said yesterday he couldn’t borrow even a single rupee from him.

“Some people are of the opinion that I look after my brother because he has a big rice mill in this country. You do not know about my brother. I cannot borrow even a single rupee from him. That is the real situation. As rice mill owners, you may have a suspicion that you are not giving a helping hand and that I am helping my brother. But I say clearly that I am on the side of the farmers. I know that the people who are involved in the rice milling process and buying paddy from the farmers and producing rice, they will not get a fair profit while selling them at a higher price in the market,” he said.

The President said so at a meeting held yesterday evening in 'Apegama' premises in Battaramulla when the problems of small scale and medium scale rice mill owners were discussed.
He said it was not a fair profit earned by the rice mill owners including his brother when it comes to buying paddy from the farmers and producing rice.

He also said that some people level allegations against him that he ignores the other mill owners except his brother who is also a mill owner and that his brother was not a person from whom he could borrow even a rupee.(Ariyarathna Ranabahu)

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